A 40-Day Journey
into the heart of God

by Michael Whate


About The Book


This devotional will take you on a voyage of discovery and transformation.  Using scripture versus, Bible stories and personal experiences the author explores the nature of God, and His plan and purpose for all creation.   Starting with a desperate cry for help, and travelling through 40 short chapters (days) you will delve into different aspects of God’s love, including forgiveness, salvation, healing and finding his plan and purpose for your life.  Through prayer and meditation you will be led into a new and deeper relationship with God and experience His peace and presence in your life. This is a book for all believers, regardless of denomination or church background.


What people are saying...

I’ve known Michael for the last 10 years. He has impressed me as a man who is truly seeking after Father God to know Him. Michael’s journey hasn’t been easy but he has persevered, and has entered levels of experiencing God’s presence that few of us get to. Because of Michael’s pursuit of Father God he has grown into a spiritual father in our own church family. He is a mentor to men and an inspiration to those who know him. I love the simplicity of this book, Rise Up. Michael’s insights are profound and life changing. His journaling questions will help take you on the same journey that he has gone. You will rise up above where you have been, and begin to live in the realm of where you are supposed to be!
I’m enjoying your book immensely! I haven’t missed a day since I got it. It’s going to be a big hit because it’s very distinctive and needed out there. It really makes you think.
— Ed Martin - Retired Business Executive
I wish I had received a copy of “Rise Up” when I first became a Christian. I was so hungry to experience everything I was reading in the Bible. This book would have allowed me to take steps into experiencing spiritual intimacy and kingdom power. It would of speeded up my spiritual growth by 10 years.
I encourage pastors and churches to get this book into the hands of all new believers, and take them through a beginners class where they can actually be lead into the experiences taught in this book.
Older Christians will also benefit greatly by working through these 40 devotionals.
— Dr. Mark Virkler, Founder and President of Christian Leadership University
Rise Up is a wonderful 40 day devotional journey that will help you discover the Father’s Heart for you. The easy, daily readings provide an excellent introduction to the values of a Charismatic church like ours.We strongly recommend this uplifting and powerful devotional.
Michael has been an anchor of Catch The Fire Toronto’s men’s ministry, and he has poured out much, ministering powerfully to many people. Rise Up showcases the glory and goodness of God as Michael testifies candidly and courageously in this 40-day journey into the Father’s Heart for you. Read it, and transformed!
Your Book is great, my wife and I are doing it together, it adds to our morning devotion. I like that it is easy to use and read. Thanks.
— Aaron Zaretsky

Book Contents

Day 1  A Cry for Help

Day 2  Meeting Jesus

Day 3  Welcoming the Holy Spirit

Day 4  Encountering the Father

Day 5  Acknowledging the Three-in-One God

Day 6  Accepting Salvation

Day 7  Learning to Pray

Day 8  Glorifying the Name of Jesus

Day 9  Jesus, the Good Shepherd

Day 10  Jesus, the True Vine

Day 11   Embracing The Cross

Day 12  Surviving Life's Storms

Day 13  Seeking and Granting Forgiveness

Day 14  Finding Courage

Day 15  Transformed by the Holy Spirit

Day 16  Hearing from God

Day 17  Journaling

Day 18  Putting on the Mind of Christ

Day 19  Waging Spiritual Warfare

Day 20  Understanding the Law of Reaping and Sowing


Day 21  Proclaiming God’s Word - Personal Prophecy

Day 22  Proclaiming God’s Word - Corporate Prophesy

Day 23  Conquering Abuse and Persecution

Day 24  The God of Fire

Day 25  On Eagles’ Wings

Day 26  Walking in Expectant Faith

Day 27  Speaking in Tongues

Day 28  Dreaming God-Dreams

Day 29  Discovering God's Plan for your Life

Day 30  A Call to Service

Day 31  Persevering with God’s Plan

Day 32  Revival

Day 33  United in Christ

Day 34  My God who Heals

Day 35  Praying for Physical Healing

Day 36  Healing Life's Hurts – Part I

Day 37  Healing Life’s Hurts – Part II

Day 38  Renouncing the Occult – Deliverance

Day 39  My Lord and My God

Day 40  Psalm of Thanksgiving

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