Pentecost Sunday

The yearly time of Pentecost has arrived – it’s one of my favourite feast days of the year!  It’s a special day when we can celebrate the presence of the Holy Spirit among us.  Let me describe a particular revelation that I received some time ago, when I asked the Lord Jesus, “Lord, how do you see the human spirit?”   As I received His response I sketched an image on paper (Hab 2:3)

In my minds-eye (spirit) I saw a large circle which was slowly filled with a dazzling bright light, and I understood this to be the human spirit[1] being filled with the presence of God.   On the circle were the words ‘Love, Peace, Joy and Freedom’.  Then I saw two smaller circles linked to the larger circle.  I understood these represented the human soul and body.  Gradually I sensed God’s spirit flowing from the human spirit into the soul and body, until all three circles were filled with dazzling light. Ahhhh I felt, this is how we must appear to God when we are totally filled with the Holy Spirit.

Then I sensed the words ‘bear fruit’ and the dazzling light began to fill the whole vista, and I saw the words ‘Family, Friends, Church & World’.  But when I looked downward I could see a part of the scene was still black, and I understood this to represent some sort of evil influence.  As I watched, the light overcame the darkness and the whole scene became dazzling light.  I realised that the Lord was showing me what is possible when we truly surrender to Him, and are filled with His Holy Spirit.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have not reached this stage yet - we are all a work in progress, aren’t we?

I invite you to meditate on the scene or the scriptures (1John1:5, Ez 1:28) that I have just described and ask God to reveal what this means to you.  Write down what the Lord reveals and if you wish send the results to me via this website, and I will post some on this blog.    Also if you would like to draw an image, or images of this scene, I would love to post some of these too.

Have a great Pentecost celebration!



[1] My understanding is that our spirit is the place where we connect to and communicate with God.  Our spirit is primary and is meant to provide leadership to the body and the soul (our mind, will and emotions).  We are spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body (1Thess5:23, Heb 4:12).