Starting Off

Have you noticed that life is a series of ‘firsts’?  First school, first job, first love, first house, first child, first grandchild – and the list goes on.   For me this list includes my first book, first website and first blog.  Hey, until recently I didn’t even know how to blog! 

So what should I include in this blog?  Well, I certainly plan to add new thoughts and messages about my own Christian journey.  But I would also like to include discussion on some of the questions that you, the reader, submit to me through this website and other social media. My intention is to post new blogs every week, but I may miss this target from time to time.  I don’t promise to respond to every comment or question posed, only to those which I judge to be a matter of interest to a good number of people; and, of course, I will respect the confidentiality of readers.  So please feel free to send in your feedback on matters related to Rise Up - the devotional, and let’s see where the Holy Spirit leads us.

One spiritual concept that has long fascinated me is the idea of experiencing the presence of God as a regular part of daily life.  This concept came to me as I read a little book called ‘Practicing the Presence of God’ by Brother Lawrence.  Brother Lawrence was a 15th century Carmelite lay brother known for his simple and humble lifestyle who, by the grace of God, learned to experience the presence of God on a 24/7 basis.  At the time I thought that this level of ‘holiness’ was well beyond me, but I have since learned that being in touch with the Holy Spirit frequently throughout the day is one of the ways to practice the presence of God.  Since the yearly anniversary of Pentecost is fast approaching, I will write more about the Holy Spirit and practicing His presence in the next few blogs.